China donations enhance Pakistan ability to fight Covid-19 pandemic: Ambassador Hashmi
China donations enhance Pakistan ability to fight Covid-19 pandemic: Ambassador Hashmi

BEIJING—Pakistan Ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi has thanked Chinese government and all sectors for providing a large amount of medical supplies and materials to Pakistan and said that these donations have enhanced Pakistan ability to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We thank the Chinese government and all sectors of society for the large amount of medical supplies and materials provided to Pakistan. The Chinese people concern for the health and well-being of human compatriots not only reflects a kind character but it also made me deeply feel the peculiarities of the peace and benevolence of Chinese civilization”, she said in an interview with China Economic Net.
Ambassador Hashmi said that Pakistan has received medical supplies worth several million yuan from various levels of government, enterprises, private organizations and individuals of China.
These donations have enhanced Pakistan’s ability to fight the pandemic.
“China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners, and China has provided a lot of assistance to Pakistan at this critical moment, once again proving that Pak-China relations have been continuously consolidated and deepened during the challenges to manage the donated materials and ensure a smooth delivery to Pakistan”. she said.

Ambassador Hashmi guided the establishment of a team responsible for liaison and assistance to donors. The working group would also arrange the delivery of the most urgently needed medical equipment to Pakistan based on the feedback from the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Ambassador Hashmi said, “I would like to thank all the Chinese government departments for their great support. With their help and coordination, we have overcome a series of difficulties and promptly sent donations to Pakistan”.

She said China is the first country to be affected by the new coronavirus pandemic, and is currently the country that has successfully curbed the infectious disease in an all-round way.
After winning the domestic anti- pandemic campaign, China has made significant contributions to the international community’s efforts to combat the new crown epidemic.

As the global anti-pandemic situation is still grim, China is still facing a large supply of medical supplies, but China has actively responded to requests from relevant countries and provided high-quality medical supplies in a timely manner.

Ambassador Hashmi believes that China, as a responsible big country, has independently completed these production and supply tasks and met the expectations of the international community, which is commendable.

She finally emphasized, “Thanks to the Chinese people for their enthusiastic support to Pakistan, we look forward to closer cooperation to fight against the new coronavirus”.

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