ISLAMABAD—Ambassadors of other countries in Pakistan are unaware of departure of Asia Bibi abroad from Pakistan dubbing the media reports about taking refuge by Asia Bibi in Holland as baseless.
European Union (EU) envoy in Pakistan Jean Francois Cautain said he is unaware of any reports about Aasia Bibi departure from Pakistan abroad and media reports about her seeking asylum in Holland are unfounded. “We know only about release of Asia Bibi from jail following Supreme Court decision but we are unaware of Asia Bibi seeking asylum in any European country.
Responding to a question about closure of Holland embassy in Pakistan he said Holland embassy is not being closed in Pakistan, however there were reports about closure of counselor section. However it has also been restored.
The envoys of Hungary, Poland, Italy and other diplomats of European Union also expressed their ignorance about Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan to other countries and her seeking political asylum.
Hungary envoy in Pakistan Istvan SZABO said he is aware of only media reports about Asia Bibi. He said he thinks Asia Bibi is still in Pakistan likely and is in the custody of government of Pakistan.
Samuel Heath, Head of Communication Section of British High Commission told Online with reference to political asylum of Asia Bibi that he cannot say anything about a particular case.
Refuting the reports about Asia Bibi asylum in British newspapers he said asylum case in UK is seen in the perspective of its standard and nature. However no application has been received about Asia Bibi asylum so far in UK.
Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal while dubbing the media reports about departure of Asia Bibi abroad baseless had said she is in the custody of government of Pakistan at a safe destination.