2020 China Top 100 Most Valuable Brands Ranking List was released, which is a comprehensive, scientific and independent brand value development research and publicity conducted by the China Brand Value Institute on China’s brand building, the assessment of best brand candidates include future development potential and comprehensive market competitiveness. The candidates are mainly based on the company’s major revenue, major profit, total assets, net assets, R&D investment, advertising investment and other indicators in the past three years. It is speculated that the brand may bring extra profits in the future, combined with industry characteristics, market high standings, and brand market identity, brand history and other factors. The comprehensive evaluation of candidate brands is popular among Chinese costumers.Among the 100 brands on the list, Alibaba, China Mobile, Tencent and Huawei are among the top ten; 45 brands are worth more than 100 billion yuan, and 41 brands are worth more than 10 billion yuan. The total value of the brands on the list reached 9774.387 billion yuan, which saw an increase of 7.65 percentage points over the previous year. When we talk about Chinese branding , we would also discuss brand industry in Pakistan here.

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People in Pakistan canconstantly see advertising and companies marketing their products and services the moment when people step out or at home on the TV sets, mobiles, computers, shopping malls, billboards, etc. People also wonderedwhich advertisements are the best for them to trust or are the most effective ones and who are the people and companies that make them. In Pakistan there is award-giving programme run by Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) to celebrate and acknowledge great work produced by Pakistani sectors. Along with the best campaigns, it also awards the best brand and advertising agency of the year. In 2019, the best brand award in Pakistan was given to Unilever Pakistan and best agency of the year was given to Ogilvy Pakistan. That is to say, Pakistan has already enjoyed branding and does award the best one every year.  

  1. Huawei
  2. Lenovo
  3. Alibaba
  4. ByteDance
  5. Xiaomi
  6. Haier
  7. Hisense
  8. One Plus
  9. Air China
  10. Tsingdao
  11. Anker (electronics)
  12. Oppo
  13. Shein
  14. DJI
  15. Bank of China
  16. Tencent
  17. China Eastern (airline)
  18. Funplus (mobile gaming)
  19. Zenjoy (mobile gaming)
  20. Vivo
  21. Honor
  22. TCL
  23. Lilith (mobile gaming)
  24. Moonton (mobile gaming)
  25. Netease
  26. ZTE
  27. Ecovacs
  28. IGG (mobile gaming)
  29. Elex (mobile gaming)
  30. IM30 (mobile gaming)
  31. Bigo (content app)
  33. China Southern (airline)
  34. Meizu
  35. Aukey (electronics)
  36. UnionPay
  37. Haval
  38. Zaful
  39. Gree
  40. Chery
  41. Geely Auto
  42. Trip.com
  43. tap4fun (mobile gaming)
  44. JD
  45. BYD
  46. Sinopec
  47. Gearbest (e-commerce)
  48. ICBC
  49. Camel Games (mobile gaming)
  50. Onemt (mobile gaming)

Different countries have different practice. I would like to suggest Pakistani friends can learn Haier’s success in Pakistan which has already explained how to combine foreign brands with the practice of the locals to create its unique and combined brand. We know Haier has a smart experience store in Pakistan. There are not only high-end smart products in the store, but also interactive scenes such as smart kitchens and smart living rooms, allowing users to experience Haier’s smart home solutions on site, which is a good way for branding. Haier Pakistan took the initiative to jump out of the “comfort strategy”, launched the smart home appliance transformation strategy, and began to deploy the smart home appliance market. Haier Group brings smart experience to consumers, allowing consumers to realize through human-computer interaction that household appliances are not just cold machines, but ‘family members’ that can make life smarter and better. In order to meet the needs of Pakistani consumers to store a large amount of meat during important festivals such as Eid Day, Haier has developed a refrigerator with a volume of 519 liters, which can hold 12 sheep at one time; to meet consumers’ demand for ice in summer, Haier Developed a refrigerator that integrates electronically controlled frequency conversion and quick-cooling and quick-freezing technology, shortening the ice-making time from 6 hours to 1 hour; based on the concept of users-oriented’ laundry needs, Haier has also developed a special cleaning of traditional clothing “Pakistan robes” washing machine. Now, many Pakistanis don’t even think of Haier as a Chinese brand but a Pakistani one. They think Haier is Pakistan’s Haier. Pakistan’s home appliance industry did not enjoy universal technical standards before, but Haier made great contribution for that and has strongly promoted and formulate relevant standards. In terms of technological upgrading, Haier took the initiative to lead the development of Pakistan’s home appliance industry towards low energy and environment-friendly consumption; in terms of management mode, Haier trained and will continue to train a large number of professional home appliance managers for Pakistan, if people would like to absorb Chinese branding “know how”, Haier is a ready made case to copy.