Health Professionals” Vs Myths Specialists, Sdgs 2030 Will Be Another Unfulfilled Dream
Health Professionals” Vs Myths Specialists, Sdgs 2030 Will Be Another Unfulfilled Dream

Community with various norms and believes utilizing various approaches to cure themselves from a simple headache to Cardiac Problems.

A helpless, grieved  health care services and uncovered area by both certified health care professional from Public and Private; fills the gap by quaks and fake  spiritual healers as well as non-certified Hakeem’s; easily generate many myths, misconceptions, poor / incorrect  information result in increased disability adjusted life years with resistant  to many medications along with lots of complications because of delay in disease detection.

Top 10 causes of death in Pakistan

  1. Ischemic Heart Disease 8%
  2. Cancer 8%
  3. Lower-Respiratory Infections 8%
  4. Stroke 6%
  5. Diarrheal Diseases 6%
  6. Neonatal Encephalopathy 5%
  7. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5%
  8. TB 5%
  9. Pre-Term Birth Complications             4%
  10. Diabetes3%

Dealt this and to move towards right direction to achieve SDGs 2030 Objectives / Targets hidden key is to raise the community awareness and enable them for informed decisions by increasing “Effective role of   lady health workers” and health care professionals working at BHU / RHC level. The doctors and allied staff must extend their working limits and need to be act as a seven star doctor (Care-Provider, Decision-maker, Manager, Communicator, Religious, Community Leader, Researcher)  last two are very crucial, important, effective and needs attention of government as well as the health care provider at BHU / RHC levels especially.Quarterly screening camps at community / village level will bloom the role of doctors as community leaders.

Lady health workers supervised by lady health supervisor in field and LadyHealth visitors and family planning officers / School Health Education Officers are deployed at various health centers.Purpose and role of lady health workers are very crucial in health promotion, Education, Protection, Prevention, early disease detection and timely referral of the patient to basic health unit / rural health centers and further as per required depending upon the condition of patient.

Government is putting lots of efforts and emphasis on health awareness but Screening of the conditions/ illnesses / diseases also required community level with required follow up; by creating the levels Red, Yellow and Green reflecting serious, moderate and   mild illness. Thiswill create a major projection and putting long lasting impact to the community they are engaged.

Safe motherhood, the infant mortality rate , maternal mortality ratio,  under nourished children, low vaccine coverage, Polio, Extended program of immunization, various infectious diseases; vector born (malaria, dengue, corona) , blood  born ( HIV, AIDS, HEPATITIS B & C) Water Born disease ( Cholera, typhoid, dysentery) are top priorities for the government.

Communicable diseases still remain a major public health concern and are the prime cause of morbidity and mortality, due to socioeconomic, environmental and behavioral risk factors, in Pakistan.

Pakistan bears a significant portion of the regional burden of many communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and the burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, also pose a significant regional threat.

Pakistan is at high risk of epidemics due to communicable diseases because of overcrowded cities, unsafe drinking- water, inadequate sanitation, poor socioeconomic conditions, low health awareness and inadequate vaccination coverage. 

Vaccine-preventable, foodborne, zoonotic, health care-related and communicable diseases pose significant threats to human health and can threaten international health security. (WHO).

To strengthen the Lady Health Workers program; A volunteer step and effort by the Incharge  of  Rural Health Center  Chauntra was made  by organizing One day workshop“Effective Role of Lady Health Workers”*Health Promotion and Education,  *Certificate of participation and Appreciation Given to Lady Health Visitor , Lady Health Supervisor and Lady Health Workers.

Deputy District Health Officer Dr Naveed Akhtar Malik and Assistant Tehsil Vaccinator Malik Muhammad Ilyas specially participated and took their valuable time from the busy schedules. They appreciated the efforts done by Dr Asif Maqsood Butt to start the capacity building as well as Training & development initiated.

The Workshopwas a Training session beside that it was a kind gesture to appreciate the efforts of lady health workers regarding their outstanding work in the field.

Lady health workerwere motivatedby realizing their potential, effectiveness and pivotal role inside community.  To enhance and reinforce, identify the gaps, deficiencies and to provide the field staff the best possible approach; A   Health care management Team (Health Promotion and Education) is also established to organize various healthcare activities with prime objective in promotion of healthy life style. This will also coordinate at UC / Village Level to develop Health Force; this will not only increase the human resource but also create greater impact with community engagement strategy.

It looks that we shall be failed to achieve our goals / Objectives set for SDGS 2O30 unless we shall be successful in developing a community who are capable and enabled for informed Decisions, Proactive approach in health seeking behaviour, Denial to consult quakes, fake spiritual healers as well as lives with correct understanding (life style medication, health, diet and hand hygiene) safe drinking water, healthy diet, avoiding the junk food, regular exercise as well as developing healthy habits to keep environment neat and clean (Preventive steps).

Building of culture for regular monitoring for their Non communicable Diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Muskulosketal, Orthopedic, Renal and Cancer);

This will build a self-sufficient and resilient community with qualities that shall continue to develop a disease free Pakistan and their positive persistentactions will enable Pakistan to achieve SDGS 2030 with full zeal and zest.

Long live Pakistan

Dr Asif Maqsood Butt
Public Health Specialist 
Gold medal Innovation

Dr Asif Maqsood Butt, Public Health Specialist, Gold medal Innovation

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