Mushaal Hussein Mullick
Mushaal Hussein Mullick

ISLAMABAD—Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik Wednesday while paying tributes to the Kashmiri youth leader, Burhan Muzaffar Wani on his fourth martyrdom anniversary, said he was a revolutionary symbol and an icon who presented exemplary sacrifices for the Kashmir cause.
Talking to a private news channel, she said the blood of Kashmiri leader Burhan Wani would not go waste and their mission would be accomplished at all costs.
She hailed the spirits of the Kashmiri people who were determined to take their freedom movement to its logical conclusion, adding, Burhan Wani was a great son of soil who laid down his life for the freedom of Kashmiri people.
She said Burhan Wani’s blood would become source of Kashmir independence and the Indian atrocities were condemnable on the death anniversary of Burhan Wani.

Mushaal also offered a special prayer for Burhan Wani and other Kashmiris martyrs.

“Burhan Wani had become a symbol of Kashmir liberation struggle. Let us pledge on the day of his anniversary that we will spare no efforts in carrying on his mission until its success,” she said.

She said that India was applying all cheap tactics to suppress Kashmiris’ resistance but would never succeed and the people of Kashmir would continue their struggle till taking it to its logical conclusion.

She further said the attitude of Indian forces was completely non-professional and irresponsible. The Indian forces were using pellet guns on innocent Kashmiris which was banned for use on human beings.

We need to take measures on war footings to counter any Indian aggression, she said.

“We need to have more friends like Malaysia, Turkey and China that can support the narrative of Pakistan on Kashmir dispute as Indian government was continuously irritating their neighbor countries as well”, she added.

She suggested that we should extend our diplomatic efforts at all international forums including the UNSC, EU, OIC and others to expose Indian policies before the world.

Pakistani Kashmir Committee should become more active for preparing 5 years strategy and it should take all Indian Occupied Kashmiri leaders on board, she added.

She said India was committing inhuman acts in IOK, which was violation of international law and also grave violation of fundamental rights of Kashmiri people.

India’s hegemonic designs were posing serious threat to regional peace and stability, adding, minorities were discriminating by Indian government, she said.

Modi was following the agenda of RSS, which was based on Muslim hatred and Hindu fundamentalism, she mentioned.

The world powers had folded a blind eye towards the issue of Kashmir for strategic and economic interests, she said, adding, negotiated settlement of the Kashmir dispute was vital for regional peace and stability.

She appealed to the international community and the UN to unleash their preventive diplomacy to redeem the right of self determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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