Islamabad—The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has decided to suspended its activities at its Rajian Oil Field Chakwal after the situation occurred with District Administration Chakwal on the matter of employees medical checkup who tested positive for Covid-19.
The sources revealed that OGDCL administration has completely suspended its production activities after the harsh action of DC Chakwal Abdul Sattar Isani.
The ongoing rift between DC Chakwal and OGDCL administration is going on for past many months.
According to detail, Chakwal District Administration has sealed the Rajian Oil Field of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)located here at Mulhal Mughlan District Chakwal after three employees of field test positive for Covid-19.
Chakwal district administration has taken into custody the operation manager of an oilfield after registering a case against him under the newly introduced Punjab Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Ordinance as he was accused of showing negligence regarding four employees who tested positive for Covid-19.
The inner sources have revealed that the officers of District Administration Chakwal have allegedly stopped the supply of edibles to the hostage persons. OGDC administration has informed the DC through a letter but it totally overlooked the law. OGDCL administration has also highlighted this important matter to Prime Minister Secretariat and Federal Minister for Petroleum.
Sources further revealed that currently 3 employees of oil field caught Covid-19 out of 100 employees.
Earlier, when the OGDCL management conducted tests of their employees, one employee’s test came in positive that was moved to the quarantine center of OGDCL situated in I-9. But DC Chakwal acted abruptly on this and warned the OGDCL management that they can’t take the patient without his permission.
Meanwhile during rest of the tests two more corona patients came up front, on which the DC refused for the treatment these patients. He filed the case against OGDCL Operation Manager (OM) and got him arrested.
It is pertinent to mention that more than 100 employees work in this oil field, but on DC’s order it has been sealed currently and stranded people doesn’t have eatables. Among these more than 100 employees there are corona patients, but due to bigotry of the District Management all the employees are been kept in the similar place.
There are employees who work during the day and go to their houses in the evening but the District Management also has stranded them.
According to the information from Rajian field, DC Chakwal earlier asked the OGDCL management to hire people he recommended. On refusal conflict occurred among DC and OGDCL which led to the spread of corona virus case, although OGDCL informed DC in a written document.
When contacted to DC Chakwal Abdul Sattar Isani he viewed that allegations leveled against him are totally baseless.

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