Our online education system
Our online education system

Seeing the happiness of the scholars when the tutorial institutions were closed, the seriousness of some people, regret over the plight of the state, and therefore the decline within the standard of data as a nation is surprising. It’s very easy to criticize.

it might be far better to place aside the closure of educational institutions and determine the facts behind the happiness of the scholars. The system of just about all educational institutions in Pakistan has been online since the year 2020. 80-90% of them are educational institutions that haven’t improved their online system despite charging thousands of rupees’ monthly fees.

If the scholar doesn’t understand the lecture even after spending such a lot of money, it’ll have a negative effect on his performance within the exam. In the end, it’s usually the case that each one the debris of poor performance within the exam is thrown on the scholar.

Yes, neither the institution nor the teachers take responsibility. We are citizens of a rustic where there are not any facilities for practical training in educational institutions. the small practical guideline that was being given to the scholars was unfortunately lost thanks to Corona.

With the arrival of the web system, teachers are somewhat successful in trying to elucidate things on their own but haven’t been as effective as traditional education. it’s also a requirement of the attribute that man understands things better and in less time through physical existence.

For example, there are 40 students during class. If a student asks an issue during the lecture, for a few it’s not the proper time to ask an issue because their attention is distracted and therefore the continuity is broken.

Now in some online classes, the teacher only gives his lecture, it’s the responsibility of the scholars to know it as they know it. In a traditional classroom, teachers can instruct students immediately.

Students who are experiencing difficulties or problems in their studies can solve them in time during lectures or during dedicated office hours, which isn’t possible within the online system.

The online education system also plays with students’ feedback, meaning that they’re not satisfied unless the student’s question is answered satisfactorily. If this is often not the case, the scholar lacks personal feedback. Becomes a victim.

There are numerous problems in our online education system that the scholars are uninterested not only with this technique but also with this weird study so now they only wanted to be saved which to some extent through the kindness of Education Minister.

Received the rationale for getting obviate these problems was that neither the people nor the people in power were watching these problems. Critics should have explained the answer through their chosen words, highlighting the issues and not harassing the state by telling a couple of things.

We as citizens of this country should highlight our problems and appeal to the ruling classes to unravel these problems in order that we don’t need to hold one another responsible within the next difficult situation.