Over 45,000 dengue cases have been reported across Pakistan
Over 45,000 dengue cases have been reported across Pakistan

A new report from the national dengue monitoring body shows that 447 new dengue cases were recorded in November, raising the year’s tally to 45,343.

The most cases have been reported from Islamabad, where 12,663 people have been affected by the viral infection and 22 people have died, a private television channel reported Thursday.

An official of the Emergency Operations Centre in Islamabad said this is because an unprecedented effort is underway to actively search for cases at all public and private hospitals. Including the cases reported from Islamabad, 22,063 have been reported across Punjab this year.

Sindh has been the second worst affected province with 10,553 cases and 28 deaths so far. Karachi has recorded more than 9,000 cases and districts Central, East and South have been identified as dengue hot spots in the city.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its tribal districts have seen 7,447 dengue cases but no deaths have been reported. The most cases have been reported from Peshawar, Swabi and Swat.

There have been 3,062 dengue cases in Balochistan and three people died of the disease. Around 1,676 cases have also been reported from the high altitude areas of Azad Kashmir and one person has died.

This year, a total of 70 people have died of the dengue fever across Pakistan. The National Institute of Health says Punjab is providing free of charge diagnostic and clinical management services to dengue patients at government hospitals across the province.

 Almost 9,228 patients have fully recovered. In Sindh, over 10,000 dengue patients have been successfully treated across the province. The Dengue Control Programme is also providing bed nets for all new patients.

A total of 90 patients are currently admitted at different hospitals of Khyber Pakhtuhkhwa, including 21  in Peshawar, while over 6,665 patients have fully recovered in the province. In Balochistan’s District Kech, the health department distributed 100,000 bed nets during October.

A total of 639 patients were admitted to different hospitals in Azad Kashmir, of which 629 fully recovered and 10 are still admitted. The Emergency Operations Centre at the NIH was activated on September 16 to monitor the dengue outbreak and give daily reports to the federal and provincial health departments.

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