Pakistan may change export strategy of mangoes to tap $1812 mn buying worth markets
Pakistan may change export strategy of mangoes to tap $1812 mn buying worth markets

FPCCI Standing Committee on Horticulture Exports, Former Chairman and Secretary General (Federal) of the Businessmen Panel, Ahmad Jawad said Pakistan should change its export strategy for mangoes to tap the $1812 million markets of mangoes, in which USA is the largest share of importing mangoes in 2018 imported $677.96 million worth of mangoes, followed by Germany $405.24 million worth of mangoes and then Netherlands who import mangoes worth of $340.63 million. Other than UK, France, China and Vietnam were also the main buyers.

Mangoes export 118,000 tons

Jawad said Pakistan exported 118,000 tons of mangoes till September-end this year, compared with 80,000 tons a year earlier. The exports didn’t include unofficial trade to Iran and Afghanistan. “If we compared with our production our mango exports are in peanuts, Government should be wake up”.

Mangoes export 118,000 tons

He said to increase horticulture export a high powered committee many be formed with the combination of academia, exporters, farmers and officials of Commerce Ministry and National Food Security through their attached departments and make a strategy how to increase mango export volumes and where government intervention is required.

Jawad also said Pakistan’s mango exports to Iran showed no improvement this year too as Iran largely rejected the hot water treatment standards followed in the country.

A high-level delegation of Iran’s quarantine department had visited Pakistan to inspect hot water treatment plants installed by the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) in various cities.

He quoted in the report said the Iranian delegation visited a total of 19 hot water treatment plants and posed satisfaction over four to five plants in their initial report sent to the Department of Plant Protection (DPP).

We understand “Every country has its own standards and requirements,” she said. “We are inviting all countries to see our plants. “but Iran should share their reservations with us so that necessary improvements may be implemented.

This is private sector investment. We liked Iran to approve all 19 plants they visited, but we couldn’t force them,” he added. “It is according to the demand of the importing country.

Jawad also urged Ambassador of Pakistan in USA should start a workable effort with the trump administration to increase the Pakistani mango share in the US market, regardless after the approval of USDA for our mangoes in 2011 till no comprehensive efforts were to be initiated by the side of our mission in Washington.

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