LAHORE: Former Indian cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu addressing press conference at press club.

LAHORE— Indian cricket-turned politician Novjut Singh Siddhu has expressed his deep joy on opening of Kartarpur corridor between India and Pakistan, saying it was “not least a joy than Diwali (Hindus religious festival).
Siddhu, after arrival in Lahore for a three day visit on Tuesday, told media persons that Kartarpur corridor will bring peace as well as a lot of other opportunities into the region.
He said that it was a very fortunate day for the 12 cror Sikhs as a 73 years old dream for a corridor to Guru Nanak shrine comes true.
Siddhu expressed his delight and thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for this positive gesture, saying Khan was his best friend and nobody could stop him to meet with his friend.
“The plant which Imran Khan seeded three months ago has now grown a tall tree. A new dawn has been witnessed that is the good fortune of more than 12 cror Sikhs” he said.
He hoped that bilateral relations would strengthen with the blessing of Baba Guru Nanak. He also urged the two nations to see the religion with a separate eye from politics and terrorism.
When asked about the Indian media’s criticism on his positive gestures and previous visit to Pakistan, Siddhu replied, on this fortunate day he pardoned those who criticized him. He added that it was a peace issue and he is ready to tolerate criticism for the sake of peace.