Malik Meraj Khalid's
Malik Meraj Khalid's

He was born on September 20, 1916, in a village on the outskirts of Lahore, the youngest of four siblings. The village in which he was born was illiterate. Surprisingly this child was very fond of reading and writing but the problem was that there was no school in this village. So he had to go to another village to study, which was about a mile and a half away from his house. The little student had to cross a rain gutter on the way.

After passing primary, he would go to another village for the middle class. Allah rewarded the child for his tireless work in such a way that when the result of middle school came, he not only passed with distinction marks but also got a stipend. Thus, all over the area, parents raised their heads with pride, and rumors of his good name began to spread. He had to come to Lahore for further education. Due to his scholarship, he got admission to a good school here.

He was now a young boy. The village was 13km from Lahore. Poverty made it difficult for him to continue his education, but he decided to fight the problems instead of giving up. After some deliberation, he decided to bring milk from the village and sell it in the city, which was enough for his education expenses. Now this young man would get up before the Fajr call, collect milk from different houses and then ride the donkey on a donkey cart to the city. There he would sell all the milk to one or two shopkeepers and then the child would change his clothes in the mosque and go to school. He continued to do this until college, and his education continued.

In 1935, the young man’s hard work paid off and he achieved a prominent position in the matriculation examination. Now the next stage was college, this time to I got a scholarship so I got admission to a good college very easily. He had to wear a coat in college, he didn’t have a coat, when the teachers found out about it, they helped him. Thus, with his hard work and God’s help, his education continued and finally, in 1939 he reached his destination and completed his BA Honors. He also obtained a law degree in 1946.

He had a habit of hard work, his spirits were high, one destination after another came and went in his way. In 1970, he was elected a member of the National Assembly, holding federal ministries and serving as Prime Minister of Pakistan from November 1996 to February 1997. Now you may know that the name of this courageous, tough, and the determined person was Malik Meraj Khalid who was a true follower of Quaid-e-Azam and a sincere politician who loved Pakistan very much.

Malik Meraj Khalid’s life is the hope of today’s young man who is disappointed with the current situation. Who has no resources, no guide? Parents are poor, can’t read and write, can’t provide good clothes and food. So, O youth of today! Those who have to do something are perfect without resources and selling milk. Today’s youth wants a brand from clothes, shoes to Corona face masks, but like Meraj Khalid himself, he is not ready to sell milk in the markets. My young man wants to make a profit like Google but is not ready to face difficulties to get an education. He wants to be the richest man in the world, but like Jeff Bezos, he is not ready to leave the post of vice president and start a business from a small garage. He wants development like Bahria Town and Malik Riaz but like Malik Riaz himself, he is not ready to become a general contractor in the beginning. Today’s youth cries for a lack of resources but is not ready to empower themselves. Young people are being humiliated with degrees in their hands because they have degrees but not the qualifications that the market demands. Now it is known that these young people are happy even after earning the most expensive degree and earning a meager salary. Don’t start your small setup by increasing your ability which will be bigger tomorrow after hard work because Allah Almighty never wastes human hard work, just trial is a condition.