World Health Organization (WHO)
World Health Organization (WHO)

ISLAMABAD— World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to provide further 500 more personal protection equipment kits to Pakistan, assuring technical support to prevent coronavirus disease outbreak.

“We have already provided 700 personal protection equipment kits to the Ministry of Health, Pakistan to protect the medical staff from carrying coronavirus disease,” WHO Representative in Pakistan, Dr Palitha Gunarathna Mahipala said on Monday.

He said the WHO has supported the government of Pakistan in many ways like it has provided support to establish isolation wards by giving necessary technical guidance and by giving 100 Infrared thermo guns to measure the temperature without touching the individual to identify suspected cases of coronavirus.

He added these guns are being used at ports of entry (PoE). He added WHO has also provided support in setting up of information booth at Islamabad Airport, which is functional 24 hours.

He said further technical guidance is also being given to the medical staff of Pakistan for case identification, case management and isolation.

He said disease information documents have also been handed over to the government of Pakistan.

Dr Palitha Mahipala said WHO is closely working with the Ministry of Health and supporting in all activities from points of entry screening to isolation and to lab testing and then again to isolation and case management.

Appreciating the steps of Pakistan, WHO representative said, “At the moment tremendous efforts have been made by the Minister and Ministry of Health and things are in place very well now. Organized steps are being taken by the government of Pakistan to minimize the challenges.”

Commenting on challenges to mitigate the disease threats, he said, “It’s a viral disease which is spreading, so we need to focus on areas including disease surveillance, identification of cases as early as possible, isolation and case management and how to mitigate the risks.”

He advised the people of Pakistan that they should not get panic on this situation and follow the guidelines and information being shared by the Ministry of Health.

He added WHO is working at global level by setting standards and guidelines and at country level it is supporting the ministry of health. He acknowledged that the Pakistan has taken all steps recommend by the WHO.

He said WHO is also facilitating acquisition of Lab testing material, PoE assessment for preparedness for case management, infection prevention and control along with surveillance.

He said WHO has also provided information materials like flyers and leaflets to raise the health awareness of the travelers and general masses about the prevention and control of coronavirus has also been printed and disseminated.

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